Are you comfortable saying what you want? Or do you find yourself saying Yes to everything just to keep the peace? It doesn't have to be like this. Read on to see how to be assertive without being aggressive and pushy. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    What does assertiveness mean to you?

  • 2

    Have you got it already?

    • Surprise yourself!

  • 3

    What will assertiveness do for you?

    • Your life will be different

  • 4

    What you can do to change things

    • Re-run the movie

    • Analyse what happened

    • Visualising and anchoring success (with thanks to Karen Williams of Librotas) - ignore the part about networking and read the rest

  • 5

    What next?

    • How are you going to carry on being assertive?

    • Getting specific

About the instructor

Barbara Bates

Barbara is highly experienced in health and social care work and management; she is also a professionally qualified Personal and Executive Coach.

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